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Updated March 21, 2019 with new links in the Budwig menu. The pages are informative – not therapeutic.

Johanne Budwig b. 30.09.1908 has in her life saved approx. 2500 cancer patients (partly stated by a Finnish professor and hospital doctor who also used her method) during a 50 year period until her death 09.06.2003. She had over 90% success, even for terminal and hopeless cancer patients rejected by traditional medicine.
Her treatment is based on the supply of
_______________________ oxygen to the cells and energy to the body,
and a. special diet, gentle exercise, daylight, fresh air outdoors. ELDI oils (flaxoil can be used), when absorbed through the skin, provide an energy supplement and promote the uptake of light photons from the red spectrum. It is important to care for the natural rhythm of life, for example regarding sleep. She encourages the patient to take initiative on her own life and do what can be done as long as it does not significantly suppress the natural function of life. It can be cold/hot baths, sauna, homeopathy, psychotherapy, etc. even surgery. Body, mind and soul must be addressed as a whole. Dr. Budwig’s goal is to change cancer cells to normal cells – not to destroy them.

In the beginning, she was allowed to treat patients in the hospital where she was trained, but only patients who had hours or days left when the doctors had given them up. Later she created her own clinic. Budwig focused on cancer recovery, but discovered that patients along the way overcame many different problems. She has in a book mentioned rheumatoid arthritis (RA) and heart attack. Budwig perceives diabetes 2 as essentially a fat problem. On the Internet there are many reports (in English) on the effect of her method on e.g., cholesterol, diabetes, asthma, blood pressure, etc.
One reason for the many positive effects is that properly functioning cell membranes work broadly and especially on all organs. Mucous membranes in, for example, oral mucosa, lungs, stomach, intestines, heart sack, peritoneum, and vagina, and also the lymphatic system and kidneys will function better, for example, with mucus secretion often within 2-3 days or even hours. Avoiding bad fats, especially heat-treated fats, will help the body’s glands to return to the natural secretion.
In the combination of omega3 with protein, light can be absorbed and transmitted, whereby the reddish part of the sun’s rays can penetrate deep into the body and supply energy there helping e.g. cell communication.

During traditional cancer treatment

Why not use Budwig’s method at the same time?

Avoid cancer

Take Omega3 cream (see below) to make sure the cell membranes contain the required amount of omega3.
Budwig says it so strongly: Only use flaxoil [NB. remember max. 42 degrees C]. Also coconut oil is used e.g. included in electron butter.
For frying use only coconut oil.
Avoid wholly or at least reduce the intake of other fats.
Use a plant-based diet except for the Omega3 cream.
Prepare your food from the ground and from the best raw materials, whenever possible.
Exchange amalgam fillings with plastic.

You can seek inspiration in the next section for supplying precautions.

There are reports that Omega3creme assists in various problems, such as diabetes, vascular problems, blood clots, arthritis, secretion and cholesterol.
Some of this happens after a simplified procedure by daily ingesting 1-2 tablespoon of flaxseed oil thoroughly stirred with some acidified milk product.

If one has cancer, extensive methods required to eliminate the cause (which is not the tumor), including a change in the conditions of one’s life, e.g. regarding diet, work, partner or residence, so that first and foremost stress is avoided.

Allowed and not allowed under the Budwig protocol

Budwig totally opposes chemo and irradiation as the body become damaged – the body that requires strength to recover.
Chemical medicine is taken only, if necessary, and after personal assesment. Healing herbs, natural medicines made from these and homeopathic products are recommended.
Vitamin pills are not recommended.
Avoid syrups, molasses, all artificial sweeteners, eg splenda, sucralose, aspartame, sorbitol.
Meat, fish, eggs and poultry are never allowed. So live vegetarian.
Avoid sauces, dressings, remolade etc. at restaurants and during travel. Butter can be used in an emergency.
Avoid canned foods and food preservatives.
No for dough products, such as bread and cakes. Make the food yourself from scratch. Such are dried fruits such as raisins, figs dates, etc.
Refined oils, hydrogenated fats like magarine are deadly. You cannot eat fast food or chips, pizza, samosa, burger, biscuits, etc. This is an absolute main point for Budwig, who was Germany’s leading fat expert in the 1950s and beyond. Her research showed that the omega-3-6-9 oils are life-giving. However, she allowed coconut oil, electron butter and lean quality cheese like goat cheese.
Do not use microwave oven for anything other than warm light.
Do not use Teflon, aluminum or plastic cookware. Instead, use ceramic, glass, porcelain or stainless steel.
Avoid sun oils and cosmetics with chemicals, especially deodorants that often contain aluminum and more. which penetrates from the armpits. Think about the consequences for women.
Use mild detergents in the home as brown soap.
Do not use pesticides in the garden.
Choose clothes, pillows and bedding of natural materials. Many artificial materials “steal” electrons according to Budwig. By electrical contact with the ground the body receives healing electrons.
Reduce the use of wireless devices. Use LED bulbs for lighting.
Food residues are not stored in Budwig diet. They can be composted.
It is recommended that so-called silver plummet in the teeth be replaced, as mercury is excreted at each chewing movement if the seals are in the chewing surfaces. Mercury belongs to the very toxic elements.

Oxygen to the cells

Oxygen deficiency in a cell causes cancer (Warburg 1931) and vice versa, oxygen supply will destroy or cure a cancer cell (the Budwig method of linseed oil in the 1950s). Budwig knew that cancer patients had much less omega3 in the cells than healthy persons, and her starting point was to add omega3 (from flaxseed oil) to the cell membranes, such that the cells (e.g. red blood cells and cancer cells) could better absorb oxygen. Since oil is not water soluble, oil alone cannot be transported by the blood, but omega3 combined with sulfur-containing protein can, as the compound is water-soluble. Therefore, this mixture is already absorbed from the stomach and each protein molecule may bring about 20-40 omega3 molecules with the blood to the liver and to the cells after possible restructuring. Hereby, cell membranes can be repaired anywhere in the body with better transport properties as result, and thus also better oxygen supply. Since incorrect fats or oils in the cell membranes diminish their function, it is imperative that the diet contains the right fats or oils.
Note: It is not useful to add oxygen directly to the blood stream as the cells must be able to absorb the oxygen. Also, it is not enough to ingest omega3 separately, as the oil must be transportable with the blood and utilized by the cell membranes.

Here comes something you can immediately start with. Go anyway. gradually made. If there are digestive problems or serious illness see the start phase in Budwig diet page.

The Budwig diet’s basic ingredients

are her Omega3creme (Milch-Quark-Leinöl-Creme), Omega3dressing, electron butter (Oleolux) and freshly millet flaxseed. Since variation is very important, e.g. for nutritional reasons, this is the basis for hundreds of recipes, where all raw materials are primarily organic.

It is important to avoid harmful fats and chemical additives, and to stay close to nature in the selection of raw materials such as fats, oils, fruits, vegetables and cereals.
[Dr. Morse: In a a meal, avoid ingesting it easily digestible after the heavier digestible, as this is passed on without being completely finished with fermentation and perhaps discomfort as a result. This is also the case if protein and fruit are mixed in larger quantities. A fruit dessert is really best to eat before a meal or a few hours after.]


A rod blender or hand blender is almost necessary for the Omega3cream, and also a (coffee) grinder for the flaxseeds, which must be crushed.


Flaxseed works positively on much more than inflammation, immune system, brain function, hormone dependent breast cancer, prostate cancer, osteoporosis, circulatory problems and fertility. Besides omega3, the seeds contain extremely many lignans (special plant estrogens) compared to other seeds. The Lignans are excellent at balancing the hormone levels in the body of women of all ages. For example, premenstrual syndromes are reduced by estrogen reduction due to competition with the lignans, and symptoms of menopause are reduced by the lignans being able to substitute for estrogen to some extent. In men, the balance between testosterone and DHT is helped. In women, men and animals, lignans can help reduce the stress hormone cortisol.

The flax seeds should be grinded coarsely to work. Remember to wipe the coffee grinder afterwards. Since rancidity is caused by the effect of the air, the flax seed powder should preferably be consumed within approx. 10 min. e.g. under the Omega3 cream or mixed with it. An often used option is to consume the flaxseed powder in liquid, such as water, lurkewarm tea or juice.

Budwig found out to seal the flaxseed powder mixing it thoroughly with honey. It was patented and and sold under the name Linomel. It is practical to have under travels. You can easily make it. If the flax seeds are very coarse, the weight ratio is 6: 1. Finished ground flaxseed requires more honey for sealing.


The omega3 cream is a mixture of cottage cheese or the like, milk and flax oil. Choose three times concentrated products such as quark or cottage cheese with 12-14% protein and low fat content (if possible<2%), preferably non-homogenized milk with full fat content, organic raw honey and organic cold pressed clear flaxseed oil.
Note: Flaxoil withstands shortly a maximum of 42 C =107 F, and should be stored in a refrigerator, and max. 3 month after opening. The expiry date should preferably be at least 3-4 months at purchase.

The mixture must be extremely good. Therefore, use a hand blender. It may be necessary to pour the blender container slightly in the first stage.

For the breakfast, the Omega3 cream is made according to the Budwig book “Das Fettsyndrom” 1959 and confirmed by Dr. Budwig in her recent years:
(Many English books and websites give an erroneous instruction without milk and honey as mandatory and first)
First blend with hand blender 2 tbsp. milk, 3 tbsp. linseed oil and a tsp. honey. This provides a stable emulsion. Then cottage cheese (gradually) is added during blending until the mixture is uniform (about 6 tablespoons). Now you can adjust with up to 2 tbsp. milk and sweeten with honey. The omega3 cream should be used immediately, as it will also be easily oxygenated.
If you want to add spices, it can should be done at last and with gentle stirring.

If Omega3 cream also is used for lunch for with salad or desert, it is made according to the same principle. In some Budwig recipes, however, with other quantities.

A meal is obtained by combining the cream e.g in a fruit version with, e.g, seasonal berries, fruit pieces and possibly. a few nuts –  or in a version with root vegetables and leafy green. Omega3 cream regulates digestion – and even better with freshly ground flaxseed – both by constipation and the opposite.

Omega3 dressing

Hertil omega3 dressing.

An appropriate amount of Omega3 cream is diluted slightly with milk. Then add lemon juice, mustard, herbs (oregano, dill, parsley etc.) and e.g. Himalayan salt – according to your taste. A good cook can get an excellent salad dressing by adding e.g. pieces of cucumber, advocados, banana, etc. By varying with different herbs and spices, are new surprises that can make the dish particularly appealing are always possible. Besides the many lettuce and cabbage species, spinach and saurkraut, grated vegetables are worth considering, e.g. from carrots, or other root vegetables. See more on the recipes page.


Elektron butter

Electron butter has sulfur-containing proteins from the onions and garlich that can combine with omega3, and can be used like butter in various contexts, a nutritionally enriching oiling of cooked vegetables (when below 42 degrees), etc. 

250 g coconut oil 125 ml (= 1/8 l)
flaxoil [refrigerated and never heated above 42 degrees].
1 medium-sized onion
10 cloves of garlic

1. Heat the coconut oil to 100 degrees Celsius, add the halved onion and cook for 15 minutes.
2. Add the coarsely divided garlic and cook for just 3 minutes.
3. Use a sieve to filter the oil and wait until the temperature drops below 40 degrees, but without the oil solidifying – this happens at 26 C = 79 F.
4. Add the flaxoil while stirring.
Now it is possible to include herbs such as parsley, dill, etc.
These are electron butter that are stored in the refrigerator and are only taken out for shorter periods of time, even though the durability of the linseed oil has increased.

Note: If instead is used 225 g of coconut oil and 150 ml of flaxoil, the result is more spreadable, when taken from the refrigerator. The electron butter can first be salted when it is a mushy mass.


About cancer, asthma, diabetes, blood pressure, osteoarthritis and heart problems here:
Video vidnesbyrd using just raw food  here.  

Websites about Budwig 

Note: There are many usually english websites not giving original Budvig information.

IOPDF  inspired by Lothar Hirneise, who had many conversations with Budwig in her old age.

 inspired by Lothar Hirneise, who had many conversations with Budwig in her old age. The German version contains more than the English.


Finally, it should be emphasized that there is a facebook page in English supported by a very active Indian doctor, Dr. Verma, author of an excellent Budwig book and a vast amount of support material. a. on YouTube.

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