Heartfulness (en)

In 1971 I (AC) sensed a weaker connection to my heart and therefore started transcendental meditation with focus on cleaning.
In 1972 I met Babujii Maharaj in Copenhagen, started heartfulness meditation, and felt that this was what I needed.
I have continued this very transforming spiritual journey since.

President Kovind plants with Dajii the 100000th plant on Kanha Ashram

Many other approaches are possible, e.g. wish for more peace, presence and/or joy.

What does heartfulness meditation really do?
The present spiritual guide K. Daaji Patel has said
“It creates naturalness. As you proceed toward naturalness, that which is unnatural in you starts to disappear. There may be a thousand varieties of unnaturalness, but there is only one naturalness. Attaining that, we resolve a thousand complaints.
Why meditate? The answer is complex because our goals change as we progress. Today’s reason is different from tomorrow’s. And that is as it should be! As we meditate, wisdom grows. We better understand what we are and what we should be. And meditation is the vehicle that takes us on this infinite journey.”

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Her is one book out of many:
K. D. Patel, J. Pollock – The Heartfulness Way, Heart-Based Meditations for Spiritual Transformation, on