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Clifford and Geometric Algebra Structures

Read first about Geometric Algebra

Welcome to This page features Clifford Geometric Algebra Structures. The purpose is to provide content of mathematical nature as simple and thorough as possible.

Firstly, this is a simple way rigorously to construct Grassmann, Clifford and Geometric Algebras. It is allowing degenerate bilinear forms, infinite dimension, using fields or modules (characteristic 2 with limitations for certain Clifford algebras). Furthermore, this characterizes the algebras in a coordinate free form.

Additionally, the construction is done in an orthogonal basis, and the algebras characterized by universality. Most properties are with short proofs provides a clear foundation for application of the algebras. A comprehensive formula collection is established.

Finally, Various conditions for non-universality are established, and for such algebras conditions for reversion and Clifford conjugation are found.  In addition, some properties or proofs might be new in this context, e.g. factor expansion and parallel projection.

Clifford Geometric Algebra Structures | Download links

In this section, the Clifford Geometric Algebra Structures download links are featured. These are uploaded as PDF documents and are available as free downloads. Some computers or devices might require a right-click to save or view these kind of documents. Make sure you have installed a PDF viewer on your device. That in addition also is updated to the latest version for the best experience.

The download links are featured below and are furthermore listed as bullets:

Furthermore, the definitions and theorems has been collected in the following document below: