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Saurkraut (en)

All pages are informative – not therapeutic. Read first the Budwigpage.

[From Hirneise – The great cookbook and textbook of the Oil-Protein Diet]

Sauerkraut has many positive aspects.

1. Vitamin, mineral content (C, A, B6, K, calcium, magnesium, potassium, etc.) and much more, e.g.  probiotic effects

2. Sauerkraut juice acidifies the blood lightly making it harder for parasites to survive in the blood. Dr. Budwig in her book Fettsyndrom,
mentions that in cancer patients she found “worm-like creatures that look like maggots under the microscope”..

3. Sauerkraut juice de-acidifies the tissue and removes left-rotating lactic acid and thus ensures a better overall oxygen situation.
Nobel Prize laureate Otto Warburg stated in 1925 that tumors produce left-turning lactic acids. In 1966 the cancer researcher Paul Gerhard Seeger described that added left-lactic acid worsened the respiration of the cancer cells, while right-lactic acid improved them by up to 100%. At 100%, this will change the cell to a normal cell. Sauerkraut brings “deposited” lactic acid back into the energy circuit and provides cancer patients with more energy.

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