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Raynaud’s disease

All pages are informative – not therapeutic. Read first about VitaminB3.

By Raynaud’s disease, the body’s extremities some places are numb and cold. The smaller arteries in the skin are narrowed these places, limiting the blood circulation.
As a treatment, Dr. Hoffer suggests niacin, which provides flush, expands small blood vessels, increases circulation and gives a feeling of warmth in the extremities. However, be aware that this may be experienced by some as painful.
It is important to choose niacin (nicotine acid), not niacinamide or inositolhexaniacinate, and take a sufficient amount.
If niacin cannot be tolerated, another option is ginkgo biloba, which also expands blood vessels.
Dr. Weil suggests taking typically 100 mg of niacin twice daily and/or 120 to 240 mg of ginkgo biloba per day.
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