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PTSD can be described as a result of enormous stress. Mental symptoms may include flashbacks, nightmares and severe anxiety, as well as uncontrollable thoughts. Sometimes symptoms occur years after the event.
According to dr. Hoffer, treatment of PTSD must first remove the biochemical disturbances caused by stress. Orthomolecular treatment (i.e. with natural substances) is the best for this condition. One of the most important nutrients that these patients need is vitamin B3 e.g. as niacin. If stress has caused persistent cellular damage, it may result in a huge need for niacin.

Dr. Hoffer treated prisoners from war camps in Japan and Europe. They suffered from severe malnutrition and, for example from beri beri, pellagra, scurvy, infectious diseases, heart disease, arthritis, blindness, and the consequences of the brutality of the guards.

Patient P. had apparently overcome a lot, but was still very ill. He suffered both mental and physical symptoms. He was anxious, fearful and a little paranoid. Physically he had severe arthritis. He couldn’t raise his arms above his shoulders. He suffered from sensitivity to heat and cold. In the morning he needed his wife’s help to get out of bed and get started for the day. He had severe insomina.

Hoffer started him on niacin in 1960. He reported back that he was normal already two weeks after he started taking niacin, 1 gram after each meal. He was able to raise his arms to their full extension, and he was free of all the symptoms that had afflicted him for so long. P. was good as long as he took the vitamin. In 1962 he took a vacation to the mountains with his son, but forgot to bring niacin. When he returned home, the entire all symptoms had returned.

Recently, one of these soldiers, a retired officer, having been on niacin for 20 years, wrote that he felt comfortable and thought it was due to the vitamin. When examined in a single operation, the doctor said that the arteries under the ears looked like they had never been used.

One can start with a low dose like 100 mg of niacin taken three times each day after meals and gradually increase it. . For sustained release, only half of the dose is required. Read about the flush effect, before choosing niacin (nicotinic acid). It may be practical to purchase in USA to get mega sizes with sustained release, if mega sizes are necessary.

(Vitamin B-3: Niacin and Its Amide by A. Hoffer, M.D., Ph.D.