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Misc. Math.


This Miscellaneous Mathematics page is going to feature a range of different kinds of mathematics, that I find particularly interesting or by request. The goal of this page is to provide content of mathematical nature as simple and thorough as possible for all its visitors.

Subtopics in relation to Miscellaneous Mathematics

In regard to subtopics of this specific page of the website, these are going to be features in subsections in the following.

To sum up some of the finished topics on the site, a bulleted list is produced below to make a satisfying overview:

  • Continued Frations
  • Generalized Spherical Triangles

Continued Frations

Read more about Continued Fractions and semiconvergents as approximations to rational numbers by clicking the following link below:

If you have any questions related to Continued Frations, feel free to use the contact infomation in the document or indicated elsewhere on the website.

Generalized Spherical Triangles

The Generalized Spherical Triangles work features the following: An introduction to spherical triangles with one or more angles / sides which are greater than pi.

In this work a duality theorem is proved.

In relation to the above and any other work regarding the website, feel free to use the contact information in the uploaded documents or those specified here on the site. I strive to answer any questions you might have as fast as I possibly can.