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Linomel (en)

From Budwig – Das Fettsyndrom 1959, p73:
The first patient who was handed over to me for the testing and realization of my research results in a medical practice was a 10-month-old boy.
The little boy has already been in three clinics because of “nutritional problems.” No one could help him. The head hung weakly and miserably to one side. The whole skin from head to foot, arm, chest and back of the small patient were covered with so-called eczema. There was hardly a healthy skin part.
The parents were very concerned about this first born.

My first thought: Quark and Linseed Oil would help here. But how could I expect this small, so labile stomach, to handle quark and linseed oil? After long considerations, I came to the idea of ​​mixing very freshly crushed linseed with some honey. I gave this mixed with water to the baby. It was astonishing to see how eager this little 10-month-old boy was eating this food, though he had consistently refused all the food offered to him by that time.
With great greed the little sprout day by day and meal for meal sucked this food. Of course we also added fresh juices, banana and similar foods. Within a few days the skin recovered quite obviously, but not only the skin, the father confirmed how the child’s eyes suddenly began to radiate.
The little toddler, who had hitherto been lying weakly and miserably in his bed, soon rose and sighed with pleasure. Within a few weeks the whole skin was in order and the nutritional disorder was corrected.
This flaxseed/honey preparation called linomel  remained a major component of the child’s diet.