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Eldi oils

All pages are informative – not therapeutic. Read first the Budwigpage.

Dr. Budwig created unique ELDI oils called electron differential oils after performing precise spectroscopic measurements of light absorption in different oils. The ELDI oils contained pi electrons from flax oil, wheat germ oil and natural vitamin E, essential oils and sulfhydryl groups.

Dr. Budwig said: “The sun is my preferred treatment modality, and ELDI oil is used externally to stimulate the absorption of the sun’s reddish part. I have used ELDI oils to a very large extent since 1968 for body massage as well as in the various oil packages. US pain institute has written somewhere: “What this peculiar woman does with the ELDI oils, none of us do with painkillers.” Dr. Budwig has mentioned that, if ELDI oil is not available, you may use flax oil instead.

​​ELDI oiler’s mode of action

If you have never been working with ELDI covers as a patient or as a doctor, you probably cannot imagine their effects. By the way, cancer treatment is not just about delivering oxygen to the cancer cells, but it is also about delivering energy to the surrounding cells to increase cellular communication. This was also Dr. Budvig’s idea in connection of breast irradiation with a ruby laser. Similarly, fever works. Our cells can communicate faster and better and thus act catalytically in a way that they could never do without fever. For this reason, Dr. Budwig radiated the surrounding tissue of the tumor. ELDI oils have the same goal. They simply add extra energy to our body, which is easily accessible and can be easily absorbed by all cells.

Massage Benefits

  • Since ancient times, massage has been part of cancer cure. This is due among other things. that part of the lymphatic system can work for the removal of waste in your body, which, for example, is constantly formed by cellular processes. Massage enhances lymph transport and you help your immune system.
  • Massage treatment is sometimes the first really pleasant touch a patient is able to experience.
  • Massage also releases endorphins (our body’s natural painkillers), stimulates lymph functions and stretches tissue throughout the body. It gives energy, is stimulating and nice.

ELDI oil treatment plans:

A: For cancer patients in support of the energy level

  1. Full body morning morning oil massage
  2. ELDI oil R enema with 200 ml every 2-3 days
  3. Wrap on the included place

B: For patients with weak energy

  1. Full body massage in the morning and on evening
  2. ELDI-R according to the standard schedule (see bottom of page)
  3. Wrap on the weak place
  4. Daily liver wrap with ELDI oil sage

Additional Information:

  • Make a thorough enema with water or coffee once a week.
  • If you are making coffee enema daily, start in the morning with this and later an ELDI-R enema, but only if your energy level allows you to Make two enemas a day. Otherwise, only one ELDI-R enema.

ELDI oils are much more expensive a flaxseed oil, but are recommended by L. Hirneise, who sells the oils at

The R-type was originally only for enemas, but is now also used for the body. There are also Eldi Oil salbei (sage) for bodywraps and Eldi Oil Rose for body use for women.


Two times a day, i.e. morning and evening, rub ELDI Oil or flax oil into the skin all over the body, a little more intense on shoulders, armpits and groin area (where there are plenty of lymphatic vessels), as well as problem areas such as breast, stomach , liver etc. Leave the oil on the skin for approx. 20 minutes and wash with warm water without soap. After 10 minutes take another shower, this time with a mild soap, then relax for 15-20 minutes.

Once the body has been oiled and ELDI oil or flax oil has penetrated the skin, the warm water opens the skin’s pores, and the oil penetrates deeper into the skin. The second shower, where you wash with soap, cleanses the skin so that clothes and linen do not become too dirty.

Oil packs

Take a piece of pure cotton fabric. Cut into a size to fit the body part, e.g. the knee. Let the cotton cloth soak oil, put on the knee, etc., cover it with a piece of polythene (plastic) and fasten it with a rubber band. Leave it overnight. Remove it in the morning and wash the knee; repeat in the evening. Continue to apply the same procedure for weeks, and you get good results. You also use flax oil or castor oil for these local applications if you do not have ELDI oils. Dr. Budwig generally recommended ELDI sage.
The packages are used in the following indications:

  • Tumors
  • Painful skin areas
  • Metastases
  • Reduced liver function and for liver support
  • Kidney problems
  • Bladder problems
  • Intestinal cramps
  • Lung disorders
  • Bone disorders of all kinds

ELDI oil Enema

Enemas is used exclusively for energy supply and not for cleansing the intestine. Dr. Budwig used to give ELDI oil or flaxseed oil enemas to her serious patients. Budwig used to get immediate and miraculous results with the most seriously ill patients. Flax seed Oil enema also give similar results.

I recommend you to make the first enemas only with 100ml and then increase over several days to 250ml. Some patients have enemas with 500ml oil and positively reported on it. 500ml are however the absolute exception and mostly not necessary. Usually 250ml suffice.

Usually, 250ml is sufficient. Moreover, smaller amounts are also easily introduced with an enema syringe rather than with an enema bucket. Enema syringes are available in sizes up to 350ml and are easy to handle.

Standard plan for ELDI oil R: Day 1 = 100 ml, day 2 = 100 ml, day 3 = 150 ml, day 4 = 150 ml, day 5 = 200 ml, day 6 = 200 ml and day 7 = 250 ml.

From the seventh day one stays at 250 ml and so long until the patient is significantly better. Then you can go back to 100ml – 150ml, always together with 1-2 daily whole body rubbings.

(Lothar Hirneise: Olie Protein Diet)