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Zeolite (en)

Updated 25 march 2022.Blue text, covers a link!  The pages are informative – not therapeutic.

Zeolite powder

Zeolite is a complex mineral formed in the contact of volcanic lava and water probably over 300 million years ago.  Its tiny cages and negative surface charge trap heavy metals, natural and chemical poisons, radioactive elements, microbes, metabolic products, and more.

Tømt eller aktiveret Zeolit

Two activated=empty zeolite chambers ready to absorb toxins.

From Joe Cohen:

1. Detox
In a clinical trial on 33 volunteers, zeolite enhanced the elimination of aluminum, arsenic, lead, mercury, and other heavy metals. 
In another study, zeolite protected mice from iron overload and relieved organ damage.
In rats, clinoptilolite stimulated aluminum detox and stopped it from reaching the blood [18].
Cadmium is another heavy metal that can cause anemia and impair different organs. In cadmium-poisoned pigs, zeolite prevented anemia and protected the liver. However, it didn’t impact the cadmium concentration in the kidneys.
But Cadmium can be pushed out by antagonists like Calcium, Zinc, Copper, Vitamin D, Vitamin C and Manganese

Dr. Cousen has tested (liquid) Zeolite : It first acts strongly to remove lead, mercury, cadmium (cadmium requires a little more), and arsenic. Once it has removed those from the system, which may take at least one to four weeks, it then acts in the second level priority. This is a chelation-like effect that removes the pesticides, herbicides, plastics, and so forth.

In 12 healthy drinkers, zeolite (5 g) reduced blood levels of alcohol by up to 43%. It blocked alcohol absorption when combined with a drink.
Also hangover symptoms improved in another test by 40 – 50%.

2. Repairs the Gut
In a clinical trial on 52 endurance athletes, zeolite (1.85 g daily for 12 weeks) tightened the intestinal wall and prevented leaking. It also had a mild anti-inflammatory effect on the gut

3. Restores Gut Microbiome
The positive impact of zeolite on gut bacteria contributes to the above benefits but also helps relieve diarrhea and improves overall health.
Cuban doctors have developed a drug for diarrhea (Enterex) made of clinoptilolite. They proved its safety and efficacy in 4 clinical trials and additional cell experiments. The ability of clinoptilolite to restore healthy gut flora played a crucial role in this effect.

4. Relieves Acid Reflux, heartburn and Stomach Ulcers
In gastroesophageal reflux disease, acid reflux damages the esophagus, causing and other unpleasant symptoms.
Zeolite (1.5 g daily) protected patients from stomach ulcers caused by drugs like aspirin.

5. Reduces Cholesterol and Blood Lipids
In a clinical trial on 41 patients, fine-ground zeolite lowered blood levels of the “bad” cholesterol (LDL) and blood lipids, while raising the “good” cholesterol (HDL). After 8 weeks (6 – 9 g daily), these values improved by 20 – 25%

6. Increases total antioxidant capacity.
In a test with 25 people: zeolite boosted glutathione levels and protected lipids from oxidative damage.
Protected the organs from injury

7. Virus.
From Dr Cousens study : Zeolite appears to block viral replication, and may prove to be a potent anti-viral and general remedy for all viruses. To date, 40 indications of herpes zoster have reportedly been healed.
Preliminary casual observations suggest that it may help alleviate rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis, and hepatitis C as well as the common cold and flu.

8. Wound Healing
Uncontrolled bleeding is the 2nd cause of death in severe injuries and accidents.
An excellent combination for wound healing is zeolite + silver. Patches with silver-zeolite can inhibit the growth of dangerous microbes, such as MRSA, hard-to-treat strains of bacteria, and Candida albicans
The US military uses a similar product (QuickClot) to stop severe bleedings on the battlefield.
In a Russian clinical trial, zeolite enhanced the cleaning and recovery of burn wounds and improved overall complaints. Important note: patients consumed zeolite and didn’t apply it on the wounds.

9. Improves Oral Hygiene
In 11 volunteers, a mouth rinse with silver-zeolite (zeolite packed with silver ions) greatly reduced dental plaque formation. In a cell study, silver-zeolite cut candida growth and acid production, two major causes of dental plaque and oral infections
Additionally, zeolite can eliminate volatile odors and thus combat bad breath.

10. Cancer, e.g. skin cancer, stomach and colon cancer
According to a review of studies on animals zeolite may:
Shrink tumors and prevent their growth
Improve overall health and prolong the lifespan
Boost the effects of chemotherapy
Both oral and skin treatment showed the above benefits.

From Dr Cousens study :  Zeolite appears to prevent and may become an important treatment for cancer. In one study, 78 percent of the 65 participants with terminal cancer (many types) are now in complete remission for 12 months (LifeLink Pharmaceuticals, 2005, currently not published).

11. Alzheimer’s Disease
In Alzheimer’s disease, free-radical damage and protein mutations kill brain cells, causing progressive memory loss. Zeolite protected mice from these changes by boosting antioxidant enzymes in the hippocampus, the brain’s center for memory and emotional balance

12. Inflammation and Allergies
In mice, a mixture of natural zeolites trapped histamine and other triggers of inflammation, decreasing skin swelling by 57%.
One cell study verified the ability of zeolite to bind histamine and thus relieve inflammation and allergic reactions.

13. Personal care
In a clinical trial on 39 volunteers, deodorant spray with 10% silver-zeolite showed a strong and lasting (24 h) effect against armpit microbes, which produce unpleasant odors. A spray with a control substance failed to achieve this.
Zeolite forms a protective film on the skin, acting as a natural sunscreen. In one cell study, zeolite even reversed oxidative damage triggered by another sunscreen ingredient, titanium-dioxide.
These properties make zeolite a central ingredient in various personal care products, most of which are already on the market.

NB: Zeolite may cause lung damage when inhaled.

Zeolite for medical internal use, certified as CE 0481, can be bought e.g. from

Ultrafine Zeolite   (Ultrafine is most economical and pleasant. The manufacturer suggests ½ teaspoon in liquid 1-3 times daily).
A german link for activated and certified zeolite: Zeolite.

Do not buy uncertified zeolite.