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Continued Fractions

continued-fractionsIn this section of the miscellaneous mathematics category the focus is Continued Fractions. The purpose of this page is among others to provide fundamental facts about the subject with accompanying examples.

Continued Fractions and semiconvergents as approximations to rational numbers. There are several sources expanding the approximation theme and not so many about semi-convergents, and they are mostly without proofs. This note with proofs in short style is intended to cover a part of the subject.

Content of the Continued Fractions work, and download link

The download link for the subject work as a PDF document is further below. Take note that the content is updated regularly and the current version number is number 5. To make an overview of the content, a bulleted list is produced below:

  • Fundamental Facts about Continued Fractions
  • Construction of Continued Fractions
  • Convergents
  • Semi-convergents and Best-convergents
  • and several examples.

Click the following link to view or download the previously mentioned content: Continued Fractions and Semi-convergents as approximations to rational numbers v.5. Note that some computers may require a right-click if you want to save the element. Remember to have a PDF reader of some kind installed on your device to open and read the document correctly.